Conference Program

Monday, Dec 03

Stefano Paoletti, Siemens SISW 3d Voronoi meshing based on the cuboid approach
Vladimir Garanzha, Liudmila Kudryavtseva, Valeriia Tsvetkova Structured orthogonal near-boundary Voronoi mesh layers for planar domains
Na Lei, Wei Chen, Zhongxuan Luo, Hang Si, Shikui Chen, Xianfeng Gu Secondary power diagram, dual of secondary polytope
Hang Si An algorithm to triangulate 3d non-convex polyhedra without Steiner points
Klaus Gärtner, m4sim GmbH Unconditionally stable finite volume discretizations of coupled convection-diffusion-reaction equations using the duality of Voronoi cells and Delaunay meshes with applications
Jürgen Fuhrmann, Clemens Guhlke, Alexander Linke, Christian Merdon, Rüdiger Müller Voronoi Finite Volumes and pressure robust Finite Elements for electrolyte models with finite ion sizes
Ali Khademi, Sergey Korotov, Jon Eivind Vatne On equivalence of maximum angle conditions for tetrahedral finite element meshes
Ilya Abalakin, Tatiana Kozubskaya, Sergey Soukov, Natalia Zhdanova Using immersed boundary method for numerical simulation of flows over moving bodies with complex geometry
Alexandr Karavaev, Sergey Kopysov, Alexandr Novikov Voxel-based Finite Element simulation of craniocerebral traumas
Kirill Terekhov, Yuri Vassilevski Mesh modification and adaptation within INMOST programming platform
Zhiwei Liu, Yang Yang, Peng Zheng, Jianjun Chen, Quan Xu, Junji Wang Automatic and conformal mesh generation of misalinged assemblies
Andrey Plenkin Generation of prismatic grids adapted to natural and technogenic features of geological regions
Natalya Artyomova, Alla Anuchina, Vyacheslav Gordeychuck, Olga Ushakova A technology for grid generation in volumes bounded by the surfaces of revolutions

Tuesday, Dec 04

Nikolai Medvedev, Institute of chemical kinetics and combustion SB RAS, Novosibirsk Voronoi polyhedra – generalizations and applications in biology
Alexander Shevchenko, Vladislav Blatov Voronoi partitioning in crystal chemistry: algorithms, software and applicationsi
Alexander Dzyabchenko Comparison of crystal structures: application of program CRYCOM in crystal structure prediction studies
Pavel Yakovlev, Anton Anikin, Olga Bolshakova, Alexander Gasnikov, Alexander Gornov, Timofei Ermak, Dmitrii Makarenko, Vladimir Morozov, Bogdan Neterebskii Algorithms for local optimization of OPLS energy for large protein structures
Alexander Danilov, Alexandra Yurova Personalized forward ECG modeling
Paul Zegeling, Utrecht University Mesh adaptation with balanced monitor functions for magneto-hydrodynamic flows
Vladimir Garanzha, Liudmila Kudryavtseva Hypoelastic moving deforming mesh algorithm based on implicit solver with parallel preconditioning
Pavel Radchenko, Stanislav Batuev, Andrey Radchenko The implementation of computational grid erosion in modeling of structures behavior under impulse loads
Ilia Nikitin, Nikolay Burago, Alexander Nikitin Application of adaptive grids to problems of supersonic aerodynamics
Nikita Balashov, Igor Glazyrin, Nikita Mikhailov Interpolation methods for dynamic grid adaptation

Wednesday, Dec 05

Alexander Lotov, Ryabikov Andrey Approximation of multi-dimensional Edgeworth-Pareto Hull in non-linear multi-objective problems
Alexandr Golikov, Igor Kaporin Inexact Newton method for minimization of convex piecewise quadratic functionals
George Kamenev Optimal non-adaptive approximation of convex bodies by polytopes
Alexander Gornov, Tatiana Zarodnyuk Cloud approximations for numerical solution of control theory problems
Alexander Belyaev (Heriot-Watt University), Pierre-Alain Fayolle A variational method for accurate distance function estimation
Alexander Danilov, Alexey Liogky, Roman Pryamonosov, Victoria Salamatova Patient-specific geometric modeling of an aortic valve
Shu-Jie Li Mesh curving and refinement based on cubic Bézier surface for high-order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
Jakob W. Stanford, Thomas-Peter Fries Higher-order accurate meshing of implicitly defined tangential and transversal intersection curves
Anja Schmidt, Stefan A. Funken Ameshref – A Matlab-Toolbox for adaptive mesh refinement in 2d
Lennard Kamenski Variational mesh smoothing based on the discrete moving mesh PDE method
Daniel Zint, Roberto Grosso, Vadym Aizinger, Harald Köstler Generation of block structured grids on complex domains for high performance simulation
Valery Il'in Integrated computational environment for grid generation