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11th International Conference on Numerical Geometry, Grid Generation and Scientific Computing (NUMGRID-2022)

NUMGRID 2022 — Numerical Geometry, Grid Generation and Scientific Computing

11th International Conference, December 12–14, 2022
Dorodnicyn Computing Center FRC CSC RAS, Moscow

There will be an engineering session for practical, application, and similar talks without submitting a full research paper. For the engineering session, please submit an abstract.

Accepted papers presented by participants will be published in Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics.

Paper acceptance criteria

The final publication acceptance decision will be based on the results of the peer-review process and the presentation of the paper at the conference. Each paper to be published has to be presented at the conference by at least one of the authors. Each participant can present only one paper.



Engineering session:

Format requirements


Review and Program Committees:



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